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What Is the GOLO Diet

GOLO Diet: What Is It?

The GOLO diet is meant to help a person maintain their insulin levels to lose weight and increase their metabolic rate. Because of a higher metabolic rate, it also helps them increase their energy levels. 

Although, this diet does not work for everybody. To see if this diet works for you, here is an outline of what the GOLO diet includes and how it works. If you have any more questions, it's always best to consult a physician.

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Higher energy levels can help burn calories without any extra effort or strenuous exercises. The maintenance of optimum insulin levels combined with a higher metabolic rate leads to a general decrease in overall weight and improvement in health. The president of GOLO is Jennifer Brooks, who is a board certified holistic nutritionist and the Director of Social Media is Adam Covington.

The GOLO diet claims that all the ingredients used in the manufacturing of products are natural and plant-based. The company claims that it sources all of its ingredients from all over the world and manufactures them in California to the highest standard possible.

But, do these claims really mean that it is the best diet plan to follow?

How GOLO Works?

GOLO was developed by a team of doctors and pharmacists after a considerable amount of research that spanned over 4 to 5 years. The team's research helped them develop a natural and organic method, which helps them manage insulin. 

When people are obese, they tend to have a low metabolism rate and are unable to work out properly, which then leads to weight gain. While we gain more weight, our body produces more insulin, which doesn't allow the body fat to burn. This causes the body to store more fat in the body instead of burning it. Generally, the insulin hormone in the human body maintains the metabolic rate.

Insulin has another function in the body. It helps in transporting the glucose that has been formed from food to different muscles and parts of body. When a person eats a lot of unhealthy food or overeats, it leads to the formation of more glucose and insulin in the body.

Also, an enzyme called lipase helps in releasing fat to maintain levels, but excess insulin doesn't allow it to be released.

In the medical field, it is believed that insulin might be one of the root causes of every disease in the world. The GOLO diet provides a mechanism that helps in stabilizing insulin in the body, leads to increased a metabolism and assured weight loss. They provide diet plans, which can be easily followed and maintained, without any major efforts.

While following the GOLO diet, you do not have to completely stop eating certain food items or give up your guilty pleasures. GOLO provides a fast, steady and trusted mechanism to lose weight that promote whole foods instead of taking pills or other supplements.

If you're consuming eggs, bread, butter, pasta, or meat, you can still continue to eat it. It is cost friendly and can show results in less than 30 days. It also proves that it does not have any side effects on the human body. It provides a wholesome diet with a variety of foods, nutrients and fats, which can also have a significant impact on a person's mood. The GOLO diet focuses on providing foods that deliver a fine balance of micro and macro nutrients in the human body.

What does GOLO diet contain?

GOLO supplements contain the following:

  • Magnesium in the form of magnesium oxide, which is about 30 mg.
  • Zinc in the form of zinc oxide, which is about 5 mg in quantity.
  • Chromium in the form of chromium nicotinate glycinate, which is about 70 mcg in quantity.
  • Other proprietary blends, which is roughly 405 mg in quantity and includes banana leaf, extracts of crepe myrtle tree, inositol, rhodiola root extracts, berberine, gardenia fruit extracts, and apples. Salacia bark extracts are also used in GOLO supplements.

Other ingredients in GOLO supplements are sunflower lecithin, organic flaxseed oil, yellow bees wax, gelatin capsule and glycerin. They also use purified water for producing their supplements.

Plans in GOLO

  • The release supplement - The GOLO release supplements are capsules made of natural and organic ingredients that help in controlling blood sugar levels. These capsules convert glucose particles into energy rather than fat. This increased energy ultimately leads to an increased metabolic rate and a sustained weight loss. This will also lead to lesser production of insulin and will also lift a person’s mood.
  • The metabolic fuel matrix - This plan is designed with simplicity and provides a complete meal plan. This also guides a consumer on what to eat and what to avoid. This helps in limiting unwanted calories intake, eating a wide variety of nutrients and wholesome grains. It also emphasizes on consuming bread, butter and healthy pasta. This plan also suggests some delicious 5-minute recipes and helps in maintaining insulin levels.
  • The road map - The GOLO roadmap guides you entirely through your weight loss journey. They perform all the functions that a GOLO product claims to perform, but also points out certain points that can be followed for a healthier life while ignoring the harmful methods.

Does GOLO supplements, product and plan work?

GOLO’s website claims that you can get amazing results in seven days, but if you persist and continue with the program for 90 days, you can reduce 4 inches from your waist and improve your energy.

It is also observed that while following conventional diet plans, the blood sugar levels do not stabilize and are low and high depending on the time of day. In a GOLO diet, there are not many fluctuations in a day and blood sugar levels remains at a normal level. People on GOLO supplements or programs also seem to have definitely reduced their pre-diabetic status and conditions. However, it doesn't seem that it helps healthy and non-diabetic people with their insulin performance, even the organization claims to be targeted at both groups. 

If you have diabetes, thyroid disease, or any other condition, and want to start the GOLO diet, it's best to speak to your physician. The GOLO diet is a simple way to lose weight and achieve the goals that you set. And also, you aren't exactly bound by any restrictions. 

The Golo Diet

Does GOLO have any side effects?

The manufacturers of GOLO claim that it does not have any side effects, based off of their own research and the formula they have tested for a number of years. But, customers have complained of side effects like stomach cramps, feeling dizzy, restlessness, headaches and general unease.

Some of the customers mentioned that after following GOLO for 2-3 weeks, it took them 2-3 months to get back to their normal rhythm. In certain cases of hyperthyroidism, people felt exhausted, tired and uncomfortable after following GOLO diet plans. It apparently seems that GOLO is beneficial or helpful to people with diabetes and it can help in controlling blood sugar levels whether on higher or lower sides easily. 

If a person is insulin resistant, their body cannot easily absorb glucose from the blood stream and if not treated, this could lead to type II diabetes. GOLO claims that its supplements and program help for insulin maintenance or insulin optimization, but none of the authoritative health websites draw a direct relation between insulin management and weight loss. The claims of assured weight loss seem to be on a higher side and are not backed by any scientific studies made by independent organizations. Many of the authoritative health experts feel that insulin performance cannot be measured by this type of method.