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Crohn's and Colitis: Is the Paleo Diet the Answer?

A Paleo success story

“Within a few months, I could see gradual health improvements for the first time in a long time. I slowly saw my health issues melt away. As is common for people first starting out on Paleo, I did experience many of the initial sugar and other cravings after first starting on the diet. But given that I was already so sick, it was hard to distinguish which of the symptoms were carb withdrawal and carb flu versus normal Crohn’s symptoms. As time went on, I could start to perceive my digestion improving and some of the pains related to my intestine subtly starting to heal. The improvements came in fits and starts, and given the long-term damage of the scarring in my intestine, it was hard to tell which symptoms were active Crohn’s Disease, which were directly related to the narrowing of my intestine and which were lingering side effects from my prior surgery. But given that it was clear that things were improving and given that this felt like my last chance at a natural solution to my health, it was easy to make the decision to continue to throw myself fully into this new way of eating. I gave myself time to learn to cook in this new way, and scoured the internet for advice on the best way to ease into foods that are traditionally hard to digest with active Crohn’s and Colitis. Slowly, my body healed. As I introduced new Paleo approved foods back into my diet my body was increasingly able to process them,” wrote Zach Friedman on ‘How to Treat Crohn’s Disease Naturally: A Paleo Success Story’.