Diet and Nutrition

What Is Millet?

Millet can help boost heart health

Millet is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, which have all proven to give multiple benefits. Here are a few benefits that millet has provided:

It boosts heart health

There has been a direct link shown between eating whole grains and heart-related disorders. Millet is actually considered to be one of the best grains available for reducing the risk for cardiovascular diseases and disorders. Millet is loaded with magnesium, which is known to reduce blood pressure and the risk of any stroke or heart attack. Potassium is another mineral found in millet, and it helps ensure that the blood pressure is kept under control. When your blood pressure is in control and the circulatory system is properly regulated, then it can help protect the heart from any kind of disorder. Plant lignans, which are found in millets, get converted into animal lignans by the microflora, which are present in the digestive system. These animals lignans have been proven to protect the body from any kind of chronic illness, such as heart issues or cancer.