Diet and Nutrition

Powerful Foods for Diabetes Patients


These little blue spheres of magic earn their super food title by being incredibly versatile in both the benefits that they provide and the many ways that they can be consumed. Apart from being a fruit that you can add to just about anything that you eat, blueberries are a wonderful source of insoluble fiber that helps to flush the system, and soluble fiber which is slows down how fast your stomach becomes empty again and improves blood sugar control, which is one of the reasons many like it incorporated in their breakfast food. Blueberries contain anthocyanins that has been shown to shrink fat cells and stimulate the release of adiponectin a hormone that not only regulates glucose levels but increases insulin sensitivity.  A USDA study showed that people who consumed at least two and a half cups of wild blueberry juice a day for twelve weeks, showed improvements in depression symptoms, memory recall, lowered blood glucose levels.