Diet and Nutrition

Powerful Foods for Diabetes Patients


This is a favorite of many, people add this spice to food drinks and pastries, so diabetics can rejoice that many studies have shown it to beneficial in helping to reduce blood sugar. One study showed that when people with type two diabetes ingested one or more grams of cinnamon per day, their fasting blood sugar levels dropped by thirty percent. Triglycerides, cholesterol were also reduced by twenty-five percent. They reason why cinnamon works so well is because of the presence of chromium, a mineral that enhances insulin.

Adapting Your Diet for Better Diabetic Care

All of the foods here are not only tasty but easily adapted into a daily or weekly diet. Apart from helping to manage and lower the symptoms of diabetes, many of these foods also promote a more healthy eating style that contributes to overall health and wellness. It can be helpful to make these changes in eating by including family members in it as well, as it can be hard to switch to healthy eating if there are distractions of high sugar and high carb foods around. It’s by no means impossible to do and will boosts overall feelings of wellness.