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Top Restaurant Picks for People With Diabetes

Top Restaurant Picks for People with Diabetes

Top Restaurant Picks for People With Diabetes

A common misconception among diabetics is thinking that having this disease means sacrificing favorite foods. Sure, there have to be some restrictions in one’s diet, but thinking someone with diabetes can no longer eat their favorite meals is an unnecessary punishment. What is most important is keeping the amount of food and the frequency of consumption at bay. So, worry not, a diabetic patient can still dine out with their friends and family; there are even restaurant meals that are diabetes-friendly. Read on for a few top restaurant picks for diabetes patients.

One of the common misunderstandings about diabetes is that if you suffer from it, you have to give up all your favorite foods. While there are necessary restrictions on what one can and cannot eat, cutting out everything you love is completely unnecessary. Diabetic patients can consume those foods, just in a limited amount, so they can still go out with their friends and have a good time. There are also restaurants that are diabetic friendly. Below are the top restaurant food picks for diabetic patients:

  • Chilean sea bass from Bonefish Grill: Some of the best meals for diabetics are those that contain fewer carbs and sugar. If one is considering meat, it is best to choose something baked or grilled. This Chilean sea bass from Bonefish Grill is the perfect dish for a diabetic patient since it has no carbs or sugar. To increase the nutrition value as well as prevent hypoglycemia, one can also add a side of steamed veggies.
  • Lighthouse snow crab legs from Red Lobster: This is one of the healthier options to include in your diet. The dish is very low in sugar and carbs and so is considered to be safe. It is slightly high in sodium, however.
  • Pick Two from Panera bread: This option offers an exquisite meal pairing where one can easily cut down on sugar and keep carbs low as well. It can also be coupled with a seasonal greens salad for added nutritional value.
  • California club with a fruit cup from Jason’s Deli: Nothing can be more nutritious than making fresh fruits a part of one’s diet plan. If you stop in at Jason’s Deli and are looking for something sweet, go in for a nutritious fruit cup. You can also add some carbs by pairing it with a California club sandwich. This is a pretty healthy meal option that will also satisfy your sugar craving.
  • Rotisserie chicken with fresh steamed vegetables from Boston Market: Diabetic patients should never opt for high-fat, high-carb protein items. It is important to consume the right amount of protein since it is essential for one’s overall health. The body needs protein to repair and maintain tissues as well as its other organs. Those who weigh 60 kg (132 lbs) should aim for 48g of protein in their daily diet. The Boston Market’s skinless chicken is considered to be a good option since it is low in carbs and high in protein. One can also combine it with steamed veggies.
  • Mediterranean salad with chicken from Noodles and Company: If you are craving pasta, but prefer a healthier option, then you should head to Noodles and Company and try their Mediterranean salad with chicken. This dish is an extremely healthy option due to its mix of veggies and low carbohydrate content. However, a full-sized meal is high in sodium, so it should be the only such meal of the day.