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Top 8 Worst Foods that Diabetes Patients Should Avoid

Top 8 Worst Foods that Diabetes Patients Should Avoid

Top 8 Worst Foods that Diabetes Patients Should Avoid

People with diabetes should be very conscious about the foods they eat. When people have diabetes, they tend to be highly conscious of the foods that they take in, because all of these will affect their sugar levels. They might find themselves checking the label of the products that they buy in the mall, or skip eating sweets, even fruits that are considered sweet. But, there are certain foods that not everyone knows are actually hard on the body. One might be surprised by the list of foods that are bad for diabetics. So, here are eight of the worst foods diabetics can eat.

People with diabetes have to be careful about a lot of things and one among those is what they should eat and what they should avoid. Any food intake is known to cause an effect on the sugar levels. Hence one may often find them checking the labels of the food items quiet often. Below are few of the worst foods for a diabetic patient:

White Rice: This is basically considered to be a staple food in most of the Asian countries. Rice is known to also have a lot of health benefits but as per one of the study it has been reported that white rice consumption on a regular basis and in large amounts is not good for diabetic patients. It has a high glycemic index which is also called as the fast carb food. It gets broken down easily into sugar and thus can lead to rise in the sugar level. Instead the individual can opt for brown rice as a healthier alternative.

Smoothies or fruit juice: Though they may sound healthy option but it has been seen that fruit juices or smoothies have high amount of added sugar that can again lead to rise in the sugar level and worsen diabetes. Instead one should opt for prepare their own fruit juice or smoothies at home itself so that the sugar amount can be adjusted.

Melons, stone fruit or bananas: Fruits are always good and healthy for our body but again there are certain fruits which contain high amount of fructose and best to be avoided. Those fruits are melons, bananas and few of the stone fruits such as peaches, cherries, apricots and nectarines. Instead of these fruits, the individual can also opt for apple which has less amount of sugar and high in fiber.

Coffee: Blended coffee is known to contain high amount of sugar along with other ingredients such as whipped cream and syrup which can lead to rise in the intake of glucose thereby worsening the case of diabetes. For those coffee lovers, who are really craving for a sip of coffee then rather go in for the less sugar or lighter versions one.

Fatty and Oily food: These are a strict no for most of the individuals including the diabetes. Oily or fatty food items tend to harm the overall health of the individual and can worsen any medical condition the individual is suffering from. Instead the individual should opt for baked or steamed items which require less of oil consumption and is easy on the body as well.

Desserts:  Cakes, pastries, ice cream, cupcakes and many more such yummy desserts are everybody’s favorite but they are often loaded with sugar which is harmful for the body and it can lead to rise in the glucose level. Desserts in such cases can be taken only during special functions or occasions.

Pasta with alfredo sauce: The Alfredo sauce is known to contain butter, heavy cream and parmesan cheese. Hence the moment one adds it to the pasta it can make it really a dish which is rich in calories which can again lead to rise in sugar levels. Instead one should go in for pasta sauce made out of tomatoes or prepare your pasta sauce recipe at home.

Breakfast cereal which is sweetened: Breakfast is considered to be the healthy food for the whole day. But it can turn out to be a waste for diabetic patients if the breakfast is loaded with sugar items hence opt for protein rich food such as bacon or egg.