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Top 8 Worst Foods that Diabetes Patients Should Avoid

Number 2: Fruit Juice and Smoothies

Fruit juices and smoothies may sound healthy because of the keyword fruit. However, it is found out that these two drinks contain a large amount of free (added) sugar that can ignite the rise of sugar level in the body and may worsen your diabetes. It is okay to have free (added) sugar sometimes but of course, in a lesser amount. The Diabetes UK has recommended the maximum daily intake of free (added) sugar. About 19g, which is equal to 5 cubes or 5 tsp of sugar, is recommended for children with ages 4 to 7. For children with ages 7 to 10, 24g or 6 cubes of sugar is best for their age. Lastly, 30g or 7 cubes of sugar is recommended for children over 11 years old, as well as for adults.

Alternative food: You may opt to make your own fruit juice or smoothies so that you can adjust the sugar content. You may also just have a bite of fresh fruits, because its sugar content, which is known as naturally occurring fructose, cannot add to the free (added) sugar of the foods that you take.