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Top 8 Worst Foods that Diabetes Patients Should Avoid

Number 5: Oily and Fatty Foods

Chinese are known to be health conscious and are knowledgeable in traditional healing ways. However, it was found out that not all Chinese foods are considered healthy. Even though they opt to have their food steamed or stir-fried, these dishes may somehow be oily because of the amount of oil added when stir-frying. Even though the dumplings are steamed, its inside contains pork and other ingredients that contain high calories. There are also Chinese dishes that contain a high amount of sugar like the sweet and sour dishes.

Aside from Chinese foods, there are also cuisines from other countries that are high in cholesterol and are very oily and fatty. So, you better check the kind of foods that you take before regretting it.

Alternative food: Instead of ordering Chinese foods from your favorite restaurants, why not cook your own version of these dishes so that you can control the oil and sugar content in your cooking. It is also advisable to add lots of vegetables to your diet to lower the sugar level in the body.