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Dr. Ravinder M. Narang, M.D.


Dr. Ravinder M Narang M.D. is a top Cardiologist in Clifton, . With a passion for the field and an unwavering commitment to their specialty, Dr. Ravinder M Narang M.D. is an expert in changing the lives of their patients for the better. Through their designated cause and expertise in the field, Dr. Ravinder M Narang M.D. is a prime example of a true leader in healthcare. As a leader and expert in their field, Dr. Ravinder M Narang M.D. is passionate about enhancing patient quality of life. They embody the values of communication, safety, and trust when dealing directly with patients. In Clifton, NJ, Dr. Ravinder M Narang M.D. is a true asset to their field and dedicated to the profession of medicine.
59 years Experience
Dr. Ravinder M. Narang, M.D.
  • Clifton, NJ
  • Med Coll- Guru Nanak Dev Univ- Amritsar- Punjab- India
  • Accepting new patients


Close watch

What is a right bundle branch block? Is it something serious?

Close watch
Stress test

What are the signs of identifying a problem with the heart?

Shortness of breath. An echocardiogram will help in diagnosing.

In the summer I seem to sweat excessively, more than I should be. Why?

Some people sweat more than others. Check your thyroid functions and blood sugars.

Sudden Shivering

Echocardiogram and blood work.

How can I exercise and not strain my heart?

See a doctor and get a stress test. Start slowly, watch your diet, and reduce your weight.

How long does it take for one to recover after a heart attack?

3 to 12 months. Regular checks are necessary. Manage your cholesterol and diet. Exercise is important, too.

I can feel my heart pounding time and again. Could it be a symptom of atrial fibrillation?

Yes. Holter monitor, echocardiogram, and stress test will help.

Are there any risks involved in a bypass surgery with a major blockage?

Heart attach, bleeding. Surgeon can explain the complications. You must ask before surgery.

What are my cardiac risks during pregnancy?

Risks are there. Have a cardiologist check you.