Helpful, Hopeful, and Purposeful - By David J. Koehn, PhD

Dr. David J. Koehn Psychologist Fort Myers, Florida

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Ever feel like you have nothing to live for? You cannot seem to be able to do anything.  You are helpless. You see no way forward. You have no hope for the future. You get deeply down on yourself and have no energy.  You are so depressed that it is difficult to be around others or to find anything meaningful. You cannot sleep or do not feel the need to eat.  You are numb to everyday living. If you find yourself having these symptoms, beware that these are signs of a person who is vulnerable to suicide.   People who commit suicide are seeing killing themselves as the only way to cope with life and end the extreme emotional pain they are experiencing.

People in this situation are sunk in a condition called learned helplessness.  The way out is baby steps to which you attitudinally reverse your thinking. Rather than think of the abyss, you envision yourself being able to be helpful to yourself and others. You see goodness around you and begin to visual a positive future. You apply seven key concepts: operate with a full cup, find guides, act as if, express gratitude, make a contribution, pass it on, and chase the light as seen in the video “For the Love of It” by Dewitt Jones.  You kill the ANTS which are automatic negative thinking by using thought stopping with positive affirmations or apply the exercise to deal with negative thinking developed by Dr. Amen. You begin to exercise, eat healthy foods, not process foods and feed your brain with natural supplements. Look to as source to improve brain functioning.

Develop a support system.  Seek a psychologist to help you explore a way forward.  Find others who you can lean on – a minister, a friend, a colleague, a family member, and/or an acquaintance.  Be holistic in your approach and you will find your way out of the abyss. You can do it, one mini-step at a time.  You will become helpful, see purpose and be hopeful!