Coping - By David J. Koehn, PhD

Dr. David J. Koehn Psychologist Fort Myers, Florida

Dr. David Koehn is a psychologist practicing in Fort Myers, FL. Dr. Koehn specializes in the treatment of mental health problems and helps people to cope with their mental illnesses. As a psychologist, Dr. Koehn evaluates and treats patients through a variety of methods, most typically being psychotherapy or talk therapy.... more

Every human being has the natural instinct to want to survive. Each one of us seeks out pleasure and attempts to avoid displeasure. When things become uncomfortable we do anything to reduce this discomfort. One could say, we make adjustments towards harmony and goodness, developing a feeling of being okay. In a general sense, we call this coping. We find common sense ways to remove our angst. When they work we are back in balance. When they do not work, we then start doing things that most society would find not helpful in eliminating the negative in our life. Such things as drinking, substance abuse, avoiding situations, over control, and excessive eating to name a few are all attempts to get us feeling better. In your head, you are attempting to avoid the dis-pleasurable and seek out something pleasurable. This paradox is often caused by the drive to be whole and be functional.

When we use dysfunctional coping strategies, they more often than not keep us from being healthy. Just the opposite of the intention of the individual trying to correct his/her imbalance. The corrective path to wellness and positive mental health requires a systems approach and multi-dimensional approach to treatment. Nutrition, natural supplements, psycho-therapy, medical interventions, social and family support, and psychiatry can and should be considered part of the equation in re-directing the energies of human beings struggling for balance in their life.   Don’t let the desire to seek pleasure at the expense of doing maladaptive coping strategies get in your of being you want to be – a super healthy person.