Why Should I Floss?

Why Should I Floss?
Dr. Elizabeth Jean Herko Dentist New Providence, NJ

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Your dental team is constantly encouraging you to floss, but why? When you eat, small particles of food get in between your teeth. Brushing your teeth may remove some of this food, but it is unlikely that all of it will be removed. You need to floss to get the food out. If the food stays for long periods of time it can affect your health negatively. 

First, the food starts to breakdown over time, which often has an odor. So, not flossing can lead to bad breath.

Second, you may have bacteria in your mouth that can cause decay. If you do, this bacteria likes to eat the food you have left behind. When this bacteria eats, it produces acid. This acid makes holes in your teeth. So, not flossing can lead to cavities.

Third, you may have the bacteria in your mouth that can cause gum problems. When food is left between your teeth, the calcium that is in your saliva can harden the food and turn it into something you won't be able to remove yourself (called calculus). Calculus has bacteria inside of it. When calculus sits near your gums your body sees it as an attack. Inflammation increases in your whole body due to this problem in your mouth. Inflammation is not good for your body and long term can cause your teeth to loosen and fall out. So, not flossing can lead to loose teeth.

Bad breath, cavities and loose teeth are a few problems that can occur when flossing is not part of your routine. Make flossing part of your routine today! Floss once a day (preferably before bed) and you will help keep your mouth (and body) healthy!