Out-of-Network Providers

Dr. Michael Most Surgeon Chester, NJ

Michael D. Most, MD, FACS, practices in Florham Park, NJ. He has expertise in surgical techniques, including robotic surgery for head and neck cancers, and other general surgeries. Dr. Most is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is a member of American Head and Neck Society, American Thyroid Association, and... more

Insurance companies will have you believe that any out-of-network (OON) provider will send you enormous bills and then place you into collections. This is a myth that I would like to debunk. All of us are subject to the insurance companies and their unscrupulous ways of doing business. Most out-of-network providers have become so because the major medical insurance companies do not pay us enough for our services to stay in business. It is not about greed. It is about giving ourselves the freedom to practice medicine the way it should be. Having the freedom to spend as much time with a patient as necessary and not feeling the need to see six patients or more an hour. 

It is about treating patients the way we would want to be treated if the situation were reversed. Most out-of-network providers (in my area) do everything they can to NOT send large bills to patients. In fact, we have all invested in staff and outside companies to help us collect from the insurance companies rather than the patients. The insurance companies require us to send out balance bills. This is one of the ways they (the insurance companies) seek to paint the physician in a negative light. We are NOT required to put you into collections. I would strongly urge everyone to not be afraid of an out-of-network provider.

Most out-of-network providers have a means by which to look at your benefits to see if you have out-of-network coverage. We are not looking to send you large bills. I myself also receive large bills from providers for procedures that are not covered (in network). Do not be afraid to ask your doctor about his/her billing practices. We will be honest with you and you will have the right to choose. We will also spend the time with you that you deserve.