Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery
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Recovery from breast augmentation varies from patient to patient. In general it’s important to make sure the patient understands what to expect when it comes to the healing process.

After the operation, you will return for your post operative appointment and your surgeon will check your incisions. When it comes to breast augmentation recovery, it’s easy to be scared, but the healing process is often much less frightening than it seems at first. It’s easy to have a smooth and fairly quick recovery. Complete recovery (and by that I mean resuming all of your normal activities) shouldn’t take more than 6 weeks. But most people can return to work after a couple of days as long as they are not doing any heavy lifting.

When it comes to pain after the operation, it largely depends from woman to woman. Some deal with minimal pain, but in any case, it’s always treatable with medication. If a woman deals with pain after the operation, it usually subsides within a week or so.

The most important thing, and the easiest thing, to do during recovery is to keep up with displacement exercises, starting within a few days after surgery. And by “exercises”, I mostly just mean deep massages. It helps your new breasts settle in to their new home, and they will look much more natural once you’ve fully recovered. But this is so much more than just massaging your breast tissue. The purpose of these massages is really to displace your implant within the implant pocket. It also is a huge help for scar tissue, which can potentially cause problems down the line if not prevented. You can also use vitamin E-enhanced lotion to help prevent scarring.

A lot of patients report slight soreness and discomfort while massaging right after surgery, but this step is crucial to successful, natural recovery, and discomfort is perfectly normal.

There are many steps to a proper and complete recovery, but you have nothing to worry about. It’s not nearly as scary as it seems.

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