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Dr. Ronald P. Chao, M.D.

Plastic Surgeon

Ronald Philip Chao, MD is a cosmetic & hair transplant surgeon with interests in cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation, and minimally invasive aesthetic plastic surgical procedures. His highly focused and specialized extensive surgical training includes 9 years of post graduate training after medical school and 18 total years of schooling and training after high school.

Dr. Chao is a board-certified hair transplant surgeon who was educated and trained at prestigious institutions, including Yale, Cornell and the University of California at Berkeley. He has authored numerous textbook chapters and peer-reviewed medical journal articles in the areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation. Dr. Chao also has done numerous seminars and media appearances in his areas of expertise.

Ronald Philip Chao, MD is also known as Dr. Ron P. Chao, Dr. Ronald Philip Chao, or Ronald Philip Chao MD.

Overharvesting is a growing problem as many clinics push overly aggressive FUE procedures. We get many patients seeking correction from overharvesting issues caused by other clinics, including fixing excessive scarring and other problems.

To learn more, read Solving the FUE Overharvesting Crisis on our website.

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22 years Experience
Dr. Ronald P. Chao, M.D.
Specializes in:
  • Hair transplant
  • Beverly Hills, CA
  • New York Medical College
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