Seven Subtle Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

Hoorie Siddique Psychologist | Clinical Chantilly, VA

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Seven signs of an anxiety disorder that are hard to recognize include:

* You feel mentally exhausted. Even the simplest tasks feel huge. 

* Everything annoys you. You feel easily irritated and frustrated by seemingly small things.

* You feel nervous, even when there is nothing threatening happening in the given moment. You might even wake up feeling a sense of dread.

* You don’t feel like doing anything. Even things that you usually care about.

* You feel like numbing out. This might include scrolling through social media or watching Netflix for hours. 

* You feel scattered. In the middle of doing something, you remember something else that you should’ve done or something you need to do.

* Your body isn’t happy. You might have trouble sleeping, waking up, going to the bathroom, or just generally feel sore and achy.