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Dr. Natasha E. Kelly, M.D.

Addiction Medicine Specialist

Dr. Natasha Kelly is a general surgeon/general practitioner practicing in Ansonia, CT. Dr. Kelly specializes in providing general practice medical care focusing on urgent care, MAT/Opioid/alcohol use disorder management, pain management, migraine management, orthotic devices/occupational health/rehab medicine, cancer screening, pharmacogenetics, allergy/immunology testing, obesity medicine, behavioral health, women’s health, infertility, polypharmacy prevention/management, and wound care to clients/patients across the U.S. via telemedicine platform.
Dr. Natasha E. Kelly, M.D.
Specializes in:
  • surgeon
  • Ansonia, CT
  • SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University
  • Accepting new patients

Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Protocol

Calm or Happify behavioral health app 4-5 times per day Drink 2,000 ml distilled water/Pedialyte daily Start psychotherapy/telecounseling with a licensed social worker for cognitive...

Addyi Treatment Protocol for Endometriosis Patients

Discontinue Mirena and start Orilissa 150 mg daily with Norethndrone 10 mg daily for severe endometriosis. May consult Reproductive Endocrinology at the closest academic center....

Urgent Care Telehealth Protocol for Telehealth-Telemedicine Providers

Urgent Care Telehealth Protocol for Beginners: High Quality Documentation: No Representation Without DocumentationDo’s: Verify, Don’t TRUST Always document allergies Check HT/WT,...

Endometriosis: The Great Chameleon

Endometriosis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that affects 1 in 10 women globally and affects women mainly during their reproductive years. Secondary to the ability of these...

Treatment for Low Sexual Desire in Women

Hyposexual desire disorder (HSDD) or low sexual desire in women affects about 1 in 10 women globally. The causes of low sexual desire in women are varied and many. The main causes...