Calming The Body Is Like Taming Wild Horses

Calming The Body Is Like Taming Wild Horses
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Spring is a time for growth. It is a time to plan your garden, decide what it is you would like to grow and envision the steps necessary to achieve your goal.

According to Chinese philosophers, Spring is associated with the Wood element. The wood comes out of its deep sleep and begins to bud and grow signifying this 'new life' energy that is coming out from the Earth.

With the weather improving, we are anxious to get out of the house and get moving. It is time to make decisions about what direction we will be moving in and to take action!

The emotions connected to the Wood element are anger and frustration. When we feel like we want to move forward but can't seem to get over the obstacles in our way, we become frustrated and may want to give up. If we do not like change, this is a difficult time of year. This is a time to be more flexible, in our bodies and our minds.

If we can accept where we are and trust where we are going, we can harness this energy to arrive to the space we are envisioning. The energy of Spring is fast, powerful and overwhelming at times. Physically, we feel it in the body as muscle tension, tightness of the joints or straining of the eyes. Emotionally, we feel it in the body as agitation and frustration. Spiritually, we seem to keep finding ourselves asking for acceptance. This energy comes up out of the ground ready for something...ready to grow, ready to go! At times, it seems too intense and too out of our control. But we can learn to calm this energy, like taming wild horses, and tap into the potential of its strength.

1) Ground your Energy

Spring energy rises up in the body from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head. When this energy comes up too quickly, people may experience headaches on the sides of the temples or at the very top of their head. Some may get flushed in the face and ears. When this energy comes up too quickly, we need to bring it back down. Soaking your feet in Epsom salts or warm water with essentials oils will help. Using the pressure points on the feet during a reflexology appointment can help bring down this energy and also to treat any specific areas of concern.

2) Make Clear Decisions

When you are moving forward at such a fast pace, you have to be clear about where you are wanting to go. This not a time to be 'wishy washy'. It will cause too much confusion. Once you have told the Universe where it is you want to go, get ready for this ride. If you have any uncertainty, wait until you have more confidence, clarity and confirmation about where it is you would like to go.

3) Breathe and Take 10

Stop when you feel overwhelmed. Take 10 deep breaths. Breathing has amazing benefits both physically and spiritually. Physically, the deeper your breaths, the better your circulation which will help heal any aliments or pains the body. Spiritually, inspiration means 'taking in spirit'. Breathing allows us to listen to spirit when we come across a challenge or are in need of some guidance to move forward.

Use these simple techniques all throughout Spring until you are ready to reap the benefits of what you have created in the Summer!