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Dr. Faiq Ali Hameedi, MD


Dr. Faiq Hameedi is a psychiatrist practicing in the Bronx and Scarsdale, NY. Dr. Hameedi is a medical doctor specializing in the care of mental health patients. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Hameedi diagnoses and treats mental illnesses. Dr. Hameedi may treat patients through a variety of methods including medications, psychotherapy or talk therapy, psycho-social interventions and more, depending on each individual case. Dr. Hameedi treats conditions like depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, insomnia, ADD and other mental illnesses.

Dr. Hameedi joined the faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut and had the opportunity to work with some of the foremost researchers in psychopharmacology; Dr Dennis Charney. Scott Woods. He worked as the Director of the Medication Development Center at Yale School of Medicine and was on the teaching faculty at Yale School of Medicine for 14 years.

After graduating medical school in 1983, Dr. Hameedi completed his MPH from New York Medical College in 1987. He joined residency training in the Department of Psychiatry at Lincoln Medical Center through New York Medical College and was nominated to be the Chief Resident. He did his fellowship in Anxiety and Depression and Psychopharmacology at the Anxiety and Depression Clinic of Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in New York and worked with of some of the best physician teachers; Dr. Gregory Asnis and Dr. Herman Van Praag.

Dr. Hameedi was certified by the American College of Psychopharmacology and American College of Forensic Examiners. He is Board Certified by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and The American Board of Addiction Medicine. He is well published and has presented extensively at various national, international, and sponsored medical conferences. He is very active in educational and community support philanthropic activities. Dr Hameedi has been an invited guest of various scientific radio and TV programs and has discussed various issues from public health prospective

Dr. Hameedi is the recipient of the Physician Scientist Award from Yale Scool of Medicine. Additionally, he received the 2015 Patients Choice Award, Top Reviewed Doctor Award, America's Most Honored Professionals - Top 1% Physician Award, and the Physician's Peer Reviewed Award. Dr. Hameedi has been mentioned in Madison's WHO IS WHO in Medicine and has been in practice for the past 25 years.

Dr. Hameedi can be contacted directly at 914.574.5390.
37 years Experience
Dr. Faiq Ali Hameedi, MD
Specializes in:
  • Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Substance Abuse
  • Scarsdale, NY
  • Sind Med Coll, Univ Of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Accepting new patients

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