Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers
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Any dentist can make a porcelain veneer. However, the real key is to make veneers that look natural. Many details are required to attain that natural appearance. Each individual detail is not overly essential, but when incorporated into the design, can make dramatic end results. The attached photograph incorporates all of these tiny details.

One essential detail is tooth proportion. Teeth need to be taller than wide. The average tooth seen in nature is somewhere between 3 parts wide to 4 parts tall and 4 parts wide to 5 parts tall. I personally prefer 5 parts wide to 6 parts tall. The patient is always included on the final decision because the various ratios dictate how tall the final veneer will appear.

Color and translucency are important considerations. Teeth display more color at the gum line. This color fades as the chewing edge (incisal edge) is approached and is replaced by translucency. Younger teeth display more translucency than older teeth. Equally as important is the pattern of translucency. The interface where the translucency meets the tooth color cannot form a straight line, but rather must be irregular.

Surface texture is critical. As we age, the surface of teeth is 'sanded' down by tooth brushing and chewing. Younger teeth will have an abundance of surface texture and irregularities. 

Lastly the veneer must wrap around the sides of the teeth so that when viewed on an angle, no uncovered tooth structure is visible. Veneers will always appear different from the original tooth structure, even if the color is the same. For that reason the junction where the veneer ends and the tooth starts must be hidden from view.