Share This Story To Help Anyone Stop Tooth Decay! Even You!

Share This Story to Help Anyone Stop Tooth Decay
Dr. Steven M. Parrett Dentist Chambersburg, PA

Dr. Steven Parrett is an experienced and compassionate dentistry expert who has dedicated over 35 years of his professional practice to prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of his patients.

What is YOUR kryptonite?

One of the main factors we find with every patient who begins to develop frequent or multiple cavities, for no apparent reason, is that they have some weakness in the form of a daily, negatively contributing, Consumption Pattern of Carbohydrates, known as CPC. This creates an environment that can create acid and decay in almost any mouth, whether you have had Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) applied or not. What can you add to this list? 

  1. Mt. Dew (drinking it all day-teenage boy)
  2. Dr. Pepper (constant can in her hand-busy mother of 4)
  3. Coke (small cans on desk, medical secretary)
  4. Pepsi (2 patients) (office worker and a manufacturing worker)
  5. Gatorade (outside workman)
  6. Sweet tea, a gallon a day (laborer)
  7. Certs (salesman who drank coffee but wanted fresh breath. 1-2 packs a day)
  8. Peppermints swirls (retired secretary at home all day now)
  9. Cough drops (smoker quitting who coughed a lot)
  10. Pistachios (smoker quitting got a new habit and his 3 first cavities)
  11. Lifesavers (Chemo CA patient developed dry mouth)
  12. Pretzels and peanuts (R.E. agent on the road in car all day)
  13. Business man (Cherry Coke cases delivered to his house by distributor)

Think about your daily routines, read product labels and let us add your most frequently consumed carbohydrate to this list. Remember, it’s not quantity but frequency as well.