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Dr. Rekha Kostecke, M.D


Dr. Rekha Kostecke M.D is a top Pediatrician in Milford, . With a passion for the field and an unwavering commitment to their specialty, Dr. Rekha Kostecke M.D is an expert in changing the lives of their patients for the better. Through their designated cause and expertise in the field, Dr. Rekha Kostecke M.D is a prime example of a true leader in healthcare. As a leader and expert in their field, Dr. Rekha Kostecke M.D is passionate about enhancing patient quality of life. They embody the values of communication, safety, and trust when dealing directly with patients. In Milford, MI, Dr. Rekha Kostecke M.D is a true asset to their field and dedicated to the profession of medicine.
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Dr. Rekha Kostecke, M.D
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What can I do to help ease my child's asthma?

She needs to be on preventive meds. Swimming is good exercise for asthma.

Should I be worried about my daughter's weight?

i would get her evaluated and get bloodwork

What can I do to get rid of chickenpox scars for my little one?

I would like to advise you in a natural way. Use vitamin E oil with baby oil and mix it and apply everyday. This takes awhile before you see changes, but will heal naturally.

Are preservatives in infant food safe?

Sure, there are preservatives used. You can make your own baby food in a blender and use organic veggies and fruits.

Is the pneumococcal vaccine important?

Yes, it prevents meningitis and pneumonia.

My son makes a grunting sound while sleeping. Should I get it checked by a specialist?

I would get an X-ray done and check for Adenoids and tonsils.