What is CBD?

Dr. Jason V. Queiros Chiropractor Norwalk, CT

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Many of our patients have been enjoying our Mago Green CBD massage lotion. We want to spread awareness and dispel any undue anxiety about trying CBD as medical treatment. I'll write more on this for future blogs, there is a lot of information to explore! Today we are going to go over the CBD basics

What Does “CBD” Mean?

When something is labeled as a CBD product, it is shorthand for the chemical called Cannabidiol, and is a featured ingredient in these products. CBD can be extracted from plants, or made synthetically in a laboratory.

THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, is classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance, and its sale and consumption is regulated or restricted in most states. There is also a lot of social taboo surrounding THC. THC is another chemical that can also be extracted from various species of cannabis plants for medicinal and recreational uses.

This is where the science gets tricky and people get antsy. Patients biggest anxiety about trying CBD treatment is it’s relation to THC. They are both cannabinoid chemicals that can be extracted from cannabis plants or made in a lab. So far they sound pretty similar…

THC and CBD are just two in the chemical family called cannabinoids. There are actually over 100 cannabinoid chemicals that can be extracted from cannabis plants. They are related but have different effects on the human body, and offer benefits to medical patients.

Not all cannabis plants are the same! Different species and strains of cannabis plant create different levels of CBD, TCH and other cannabinoids. Our Mago Green CBD comes from hemp cannabis, which is distinct from other cannabis plants that are used to create different types of medical treatments or used for recreation.

Think of them as cousins. There are many species within the genus of cannabis plants. This is common in the plant kingdom with most plants having multiple species within a genus. With selective breeding we can create further differences between plants of the same species. For instance, let's make an example of a plant we can find in the grocery store: Kale!

The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Kale and How to Use Them 

Brassica Oleracea is a genus of plant. Under this umbrella we have different species of vegetables... Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Collards and more! These plants are all very different. They look different, cook different, and have very different nutritional properties. We also know that there are different kinds of kale: Curly Kale, Red Kale, Baby Kale, Lacinato Kale, Ornamental Kale, Chinese Kale, Siberian Kale, and Redbor Kale. Next year there will be even more kale options, thanks to clever horticulturalists!

Therefore, you can easily understand that the plant we call hemp, though it is a type of Cannabis Sativa, it is very different than other Cannabis Sativa plants that have higher levels of TCH. The hemp we use to make our massage lotion has very high levels of beneficial non-psychoactive CBD. 

Only THC will get you cause an altered mental state. There is so little TCH in hemp that it is perfectly legal to use, and available without a prescription in all 50 states.

You have probably interacted with hemp before. In fact, New England was once a major grower and exporter of hemp! We use hemp to make clothes, rope, soap, fuel, food, and more without it being a big deal. So why not in your chiropractic treatment?

CBD is awesome! Try it for arthritis, chronic pain, muscle tension, anxiety, inflammation, and is great for your skin!

At Norwalk Sports & Spine we use CBD to spot treat problem areas. It pairs well with other manual treatments such as Graston Technique. In our massage we use lotion on the whole body to relieve pain points as well as promote greater systemic relaxation.

Next time you make a massage appointment, ask about enhancing your treatment with CBD massage lotion!

Erica Sastre (L.M.T. @ Norwalk Sports & Spine)