Sleep Apnea Treatment by Los Angeles Dentist at LA Dental Experts

Sleep Apnea Treatment by Los Angeles Dentist at LA Dental Experts
Nikzad Nafisi Dentist Sherman Oaks, CA

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At LA Dental Experts, we offer comprehensive dental care to all our patients, and on top of that, we specialize in new, popular, and clinically proven treatments for obstructive sleep apnea.

One prescribed solution for symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea is CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure machine), a common and effective, yet somewhat unpopular treatment for sleep apnea. As an alternative to traditional CPAP therapy, or in conjunction with CPAP therapy, patients who suffer from mild-moderate obstructive sleep apnea can now benefit from the Mandibular Advancement Device made by our dentists at LA Dental Experts, which is excellent news for people who have been unsuccessful with CPAP therapy.

Patients can enjoy a better-quality sleep and improved symptoms without any need for tubes, masks, or bulky CPAP machines running all night next to their bed. Our medically approved device is much more appealing to our patients and their sleep partners. The ease of use of our appliance is also exceptionally convenient to our patients when traveling for business or pleasure.

Mandibular Advancement Device made by LA Dental Experts has been proven to decrease symptoms associated with obstructive sleep apnea, which in turn will increase patient energy, reduce daytime sleepiness, reduce snoring, and lead to a better quality of sleep. As this procedure is currently prescription-based, only licensed, experienced providers can perform the treatment. Our dentists at LA Dental Experts are one of the top providers in Los Angeles, California.

Mandibular Advancement Device may not be the only treatment remedy prescribed by your medical doctor to deal with sleep apnea, but it is surely an exciting new option for many of our patients that correspond with their lifestyle.

Each patient referred to LA Dental Experts by their medical doctors, as well as those patients coming to LA Dental Experts on their own, are provided with a consultation appointment to discuss all the risks and benefits associated. Based on the medical doctor recommendation, we will follow the best approach to a customized, comprehensive treatment plan with ongoing care.