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Dr. David Fertel, D O


Dr. David Fertel is a cardiothoracic surgeon practicing in Westland, MI. Dr. Fertel specializes in surgical procedues of vital organs in the chest such as the heart, lungs, esophagus and more. As a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Fertel typically treats conditions like heart disease and lung disease. This class of surgeon can also include cardiac surgeons, cardiovascular surgeons, congenital heart surgeons and general thoracic surgeons.
Dr. David Fertel, D O
  • Westland, MI
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How long does appendix surgery take?

Usually around 30 min.

What happens if you don't get treated for colon polyps?

Depends on the type of polyps. You're best off having them removed.

Can an appendix burst put you in the hospital?

Absolutely, if your appendix ruptures, it can be fatal. You need to go to a hospital and get it taken out.

How do you treat appendicitis without surgery?

Antibiotics can delay surgery, but the treatment for appendicitis is removal.

Is a colonoscopy painful?

It would be if you were not sedated.

Gallbladder pain?

Go see a general surgeon.

How is hernia surgery done?

Depends on the type of hernia. It usually can be done through open laparoscopic or robotic.