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Dr. Thomas Andrew Taft, D.D.S.


Dr. Thomas Taft is a Dentist practicing in Friendswood, TX. Dr. Taft specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.
Dr. Thomas Andrew Taft, D.D.S.
  • Friendswood, TX
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Would anesthesia be used during my root canal?

I would certainly think it would be used. You can request anesthesia at any time in most offices, that is, local anesthesia.

Does a wisdom tooth need to be removed?

Sometimes not. Wait to see. If it erupts with room for it and if it is a functional tooth, WT extraction is not an automatic.

Is fever after a root canal normal?

No.... probably another cause