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Dr. Harold Altman, PH.D.


Dr. Harold Altman is a psychologist practicing in Paterson, NJ. Dr. Altman specializes in the treatment of health mental problems, and helps people to cope with their mental illnesses. As a psychologist, Dr. Altman evaluates and treats patients through a variety of methods, most typically being psychotherapy or talk therapy. Patients usually visit Dr. Altman because they have been experiencing depression, anxiety, stress or anger for a significant period of time and are seeking help. Psychologists may perform a variety of exams and assessments to diagnose a mental condition.
Dr. Harold Altman, PH.D.
  • Paterson, NJ
  • Accepting new patients

How can I get my son to not be scared of the dark?

Night light. Keep door open. Stay with him varying the time and distance from the door until you gradually decrease your time in the room and move closer to door

Can counseling help my husband's behavior?

Yes. Important for him to identify the trigger to his behavioral change. Can be external like work pressure or internal like his perception of a situation.

My son has been diagnosed with autism and it is depressing my wife. Please help.

Let her know it’s common to feel sad and confused by a very difficult and unexpected diagnosis of a beloved child. Support and guidance are available