Three Reasons You Need to Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Three Reasons You Need to Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
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Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Paul Vitenas, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. is the founder of Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique, and Houston Surgery Center. In 1990, after graduating from Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans, Dr. Vitenas came to Houston to begin his private... more

While plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular, now is not the time to let your guard down when it comes to choosing a reputable provider. Today, everyone from dentists to gynecologists are offering cosmetic techniques, often deemed as safe, effective, and ‘cheap’. While it is true that the innovative procedures made possible by modern medicine are safer and more satisfying than ever before, plastic surgery still carries inherent risks that can range from mild to disfiguring or even life-threatening. Only trust your appearance to an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon – for three very important reasons.

Reason #1: Unsurpassed Training

On average, each plastic surgeon will have 16+ years of post high school education and training. This covers medical school and intense, supervised training in both reconstruction and cosmetic plastic surgery.

Their education does not stop there, however. Board certified plastic surgeons must meet highly demanding requirements before being allowed to site for their board exams. This consists of a broad-subject written test, plus a two day oral examination. To pass these exams, and dawn the title of ‘board certified’, surgeons must show a mastery of cutting-edge techniques, dexterous surgical skill, a safe approach to medicine, and a meticulous ethical standing within the medical profession.

Reason #2: Artistry and Aesthetic Expertise

Board certified plastic surgeons are trained in a wide variety of techniques, focusing on both the face and the body. (Some plastic surgeons will go on to focus on just one area, such as the face or breasts). Their years of hands on training in the operating room ensure the surgeons hone a sense of function and form — the vital components of a successful plastic surgery procedure.

To complete the board certification process, a plastic surgeon truly must be in the ‘cream of the crop’, with an innate attention to detail and exhaustive knowledge of the anatomy. Only those with a highly refined sense of aesthetic proportions can make a good plastic surgeon.

Reason #3: Dedication to Patient Care

Keep in mind that being board certified is voluntary. This labor intensive process requires hours of continuing education training and studying to maintain. The fact that your surgeon puts such an emphasis on their surgical skills and medical know-how ensures you that he/she values patient safety and effective results. Surgeons without board certifications may be willing to do your procedure (and cash your check) but cannot be bothered with details like added safety and exceptional patient care.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) aims to produce the safest and most skillful surgeons, with exemplary ethics. There is never a reason for a potential patient to choose anything less than a board certified plastic surgeon.

Do your homework before you choose a surgeon for your upcoming procedure. Use the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) tool to find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

In Texas, there is no more trusted plastic surgeon than Houston’s Dr. Paul Vitenas. Board certified with close to 30 years of surgical and noninvasive experience, it is no wonder why he is Houston’s number one for all things plastic surgery. Call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery at (281) 484-0088 or fill out our online Contact Us form to schedule your free consultation.