Why Hidden Injuries in Auto Accidents Can Be Life-changing

Why Hidden Injuries in Auto Accidents Can Be Life-changing.
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Screeeech... BAM!

You were just involved in an auto accident. You shake your head, feel a little sore, you seem OK... but are you really?

If you go to the Emergency Room, they are there to save your life. If you aren't gushing blood, or have bones sticking out, your life probably isn't in danger, so they usually give you pain meds and anti-inflammatories and send you on your way. Unfortunately, hidden injuries after an auto accident can cause life-changing problems that don't show up for years.

That is why a Chiropractic examination is imperative after an auto accident, even if you don't have pain. You need to seek a doctor who is thoroughly trained in auto accident injuries, one who understands:

  1. Accident-related injuries and knows the "hidden" signs that predict if serious injury exists
  2. Effective methods to treat accident-related injuries that are pain-free and surgery-free
  3. How to treat your injuries at their root cause (this one is very important!)
  4. Continuing education, learning about the latest discoveries in pain relief and accident-related injuries

You may have no symptoms at all, but many warning signs of "whiplash" injuries include:

  • Headache
  • Neck, shoulder, or arm pain
  • Stiff neck
  • Chest or mid back pain
  • Muscle strain or tear
  • Lower back pain (about 50% of the time)
  • Pain down the legs
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Numbness, tingling, weakness

Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to help relieve your symptoms and help prevent serious problems later on in life.

I don't know how many times I've had patients come in with severe pain and X-rays that show massive degeneration of the discs and joints!

"Were you ever in a car accident?" I ask. "No, well, I did have a fender bender about five years ago, but I was fine".

They were NOT fine. Symptoms just didn't show up for about five years.

Don't wait until it's too late!

Call and schedule an appointment with your Chiropractor as soon as possible after an accident to feel better fast and have the best recovery possible. Chiropractors are whiplash specialists!

Specific chiropractic adjustments can help relieve immediate pain and discomfort, and work to restore normal healthy function and movement of the spinal joint function and balance to prevent problems from showing up in your future. We don't want to just get rid of the pain; we want to help correct the structure and make sure things heal in the right place.

How long does it take?

Changing a damaged structure takes time. Usually after a whiplash injury, active treatment takes between four to six months. Remodeling can take up to a year, or even longer!

I'm going to be in pain for a year?!

No! With Chiropractic care, your pain will usually be reduced very quickly. Sometimes too quickly. Sometimes you feel great and think that you don't need to come in anymore. That's why we do regular examinations every four to six weeks to check your progress. We monitor your level of pain, but that is only one of the things we are looking for. We check for restrictions in ranges of motion, trouble or inability to do certain motions or activities, changes in your daily living activities, abnormal muscle weakness, areas of numbness or skin sensation differences, trouble sleeping, and radiating pain in the arms or legs. We then modify your treatment based on examination findings, not just on your symptoms or lack thereof.

What happens if you stop treatment too soon?

Think of this like a Dentist changing your teeth with braces. It takes a year or two to get your teeth to move to the correct place and stay there. But guess what happens if you take the braces off too soon, or if you don't get all of the treatments that you need to make positive changes? Your teeth go back to their old position! That will happen to your neck or spine too. Make sure you follow all of your Chiropractor's treatment recommendations.

What if you just can't do all of the treatments your Chiropractor recommends?

Life happens. Sometimes work or children seem to take priority over our own health. If people can't follow our recommendations, we do the best we can with what they can do. Just remember, our recommendations are designed to give you the best and fastest recovery available. If you change the recipe of your favorite dessert (perhaps substituting chili powder for chocolate), the result will not be what you wanted.

It may take longer to get well and the results may not be optimum. Please do your best to follow your doctor's recommendations.

What if I can't afford all of those treatments?

In many cases, your auto or health insurance will cover all or part of your treatment costs. Your Chiropractic Auto Injury Specialist will help you find ways to be able to afford the care you need. We can send you our free report, "How to Get Chiropractic Care for your Auto Accident Injuries", which shows four different ways to make sure you get the care you need.

"But it was the other guy's fault! His insurance should pay for my treatment!"

We agree! Often the other insurance company will even tell you "Don't worry. Get all the medical care you need and we will pay for everything". That sounds great, but they may not have told you a few things. It's important to choose a doctor that is expert in dealing with insurance companies and knows ways to help you get your care.

Will the treatments hurt?

Your Chiropractor is an expert at helping you get well fast. There are many different ways to do this and your Chiropractor uses methods that work best for her or him. If you have concerns or fears, please communicate them with your Chiropractor. I always tell patients that my treatments should not be really painful or uncomfortable, and if it is, they should tell me so I can stop, lighten up, or do something different. Even if they just don't like a particular treatment, they should tell me. There are many ways to help you get well. Some doctors use a physical adjustment that results in a "popping" noise. To some people that sounds great, and to others it's a little scary. Other doctors use instruments or procedures that gently guide your body into better structure and function without the noise. All of the treatments are effective, so you need to find the treatment that works best for you.

Are there other things that can be done to help me get well faster?

Yes! Studies have shown that although Chiropractic care is extremely effective at helping people recover from spinal injuries like whiplash, Chiropractic care is only the second best treatment. Number three is exercise, such as physical therapy. The number one most effective and best way to get the best and fastest results is a combination of Chiropractic care AND exercise (physical therapy). Your specialist will have a plan for you that includes both!

Other things that can help are massage, acupuncture, ice packs, bracing (like a cervical collar), special supportive pillows, topical lotions (I like Relief and Recovery lotion and Biofreeze), and nutritional support for healing and inflammation like vitamin C, glucosamine, Valerian root, and CBD oil.

CBD oil? Isn't that marijuana?

There are so many different types of CBD oil and CBD from hemp. CBD oils and tinctures are legal in all 50 states, and are great in many cases for helping pain, inflammation, and healing from injuries and various conditions. There is no or minimal THC and there is NO "high" effect. In states where medical marijuana is legal, CBD can be mixed with THC in various strengths and the newest research is showing remarkable results with CBD oil and medical marijuana. The medical community is reluctantly acknowledging that CBD oil and medical marijuana may be an effective and less harmful solution to many conditions now treated with opioids. I am not suggesting that you try to cure everything with medical marijuana, or without the guidance of your healthcare provider.

So what is your next step? Call your Chiropractor today and make an appointment. Don't wait for this to get worse because that means you already have permanent damage. 

If you would like a copy of our free Auto Accident Injury Kit, please send us a request at DrMoon@DrMoon.com