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Dr. Karim J. Hamawy, M.D.


Dr. Karim J Hamawy M.D. is a top Urologist in Burlington, With a passion for the field and an unwavering commitment to his specialty, Dr. Hamawy is an expert in changing the lives of his patients for the better. Through his genuine care and expertise in the field, he is a prime example of a true leader in healthcare. As a leader and expert in his field, Dr. Hamawy is passionate about enhancing patient quality of life. He embodies the values of communication, safety, and trust when dealing directly with patients. In Burlington, MA, Dr. Karim J Hamawy M.D. is a true asset to his field and dedicated to the profession of medicine.
29 years Experience
Dr. Karim J. Hamawy, M.D.
  • Burlington, MA
  • Boston Univ Sch of Med, Boston Ma
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Can tampons cause a urinary tract infection?

Yes. You should visit with your GYN to see if these are documented UTI's or irritation from the tampons.

How does kegel exercise treat bladder incontinence?

It helps support the muscles that are weakened and stretched from vaginal births.

Why do I have this weird foul smell in my urine?

Foul smelling urine has multiple causes, including medication. You need to see your PCP, who will then direct you to the correct provider.

Can masturbation cause problems with urinating?

The small bleeding you notice and the irritation and urinary urgency are not normal. You need to see your PCP.

Blood semen

Most likely normal but you should see your PCP

How can I prevent a UTI during my pregnancy?

Pregnancy tends to increase one's susceptibility to UTI's (hormonal and structural changes). Keep well hydrated during your pregnancy.

Can vaginal washes make things dry down there?

Sure, it all depends what is in the wash.

How is a urine infection managed in a diabetic person?

Diabetics are more prone to complicated UTI's. Your mother in law needs to address her symptoms quickly when she has them.