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Dr. Matthew Marques, MD


Dr. Matthew Marques is a hospitalist practicing in BOCA RATON, FL. Dr. Marques specializes in the comprehensive medical care of hospitalized patients. As a hospitalist, Dr. Marques manages the clinical problems of hospitalized patients and the acutely ill, while working to improve the performance of the hospital. Dr. Marques works in collaboration with all of the different doctors that are working with the patient. Hospitalists are involved in the diagnosis, treatment and medical procedures of patients.
Dr. Matthew Marques, MD
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Are all hospitalists internists?

Not always. Family medicine, internal medicine, and very commonly you will see nurse practitioners overseen by a physician in these roles.

Will I be given antidepressants in the hospital?

While you are able to take pills, they will usually continue them as long as there is no unsafe interaction with your other medications and procedures that they are doing.