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Bijan Nikakhtar


<p>Bijan Nikakhtar, MD, FACP, has a private practice in Santa Monica, California.&nbsp; Dr. Nikakhtar specializes in treating disorders and diseases of the renal system and kidneys, as a nephrologist. He has contributed to 12 books and 150 articles in medical journals relating to these topics.&nbsp;With over 50 years of experience in the field, Dr. Nikakhter has also contributed to education at UCLA Irvine, and continues to serve Western University of Health Sciences as a Professor of Clinical Medicine.</p>
Bijan Nikakhtar
  • Santa Monica, California
  • Tehran University Of Medical Sciences And Health Services
  • Accepting new patients

Can my family doctor treat anxiety?

Any doctor can give medication to control anxiety, but complete treatment with gradually discontinued medication needs an expert one.