Should You Choose Dental Implants or Cosmetic Bridges?

Should You Choose Dental Implants or Cosmetic Bridges?
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Having missing teeth in your mouth is dangerous, not only for your appearance and self-esteem but also for your general health. This problem should be solved as quickly as possible. Luckily, the number of options for the teeth restoration offered by modern dentistry services allows you to restore your teeth even in the most complicated cases.

It is important to choose the optimal variant from this variety of offers. Let’s compare two popular teeth restoration options – dental implants and cosmetic bridges, and help those who are in doubt, make the best possible choice.

Goals of Dental Implants

If you have bothered yourself with some research, perhaps you’ve noticed that dental implants are a choice that has an absolute priority. Why are they far more popular than the bridges? This is because of their undoubted advantages. They include:

  • They don’t require preparation of healthy teeth for their fixation as cosmetic bridges do. The prepared teeth will start ruining eventually and it will be difficult to notice under the bridge.
  • They stop the process of bone resorption that continues with the bridges. It is because of proper distribution of strain which is similar to the one that natural teeth provide and impossible to achieve with bridges.
  • They have a long lifespan. Cosmetic bridges require replacement in 6-10 years.

Now you understand why they are so popular. However, they are MUCH more expensive than cosmetic bridges. Although this is a completely understandable and logical difference in price, not everybody can afford them.

When Are Cosmetic Bridges the Better Option?

Regardless of the obvious superiority of dental implants as the method of teeth restoration, sometimes, cosmetic bridges are more preferable:

  • Financial inability to afford implants. Having cosmetic bridges is better than having a missing tooth and face the problems it brings.
  • Absolute contraindications to having dental implants. A list of chronic diseases and oral diseases can prevent you from having implants

Cosmetic bridges can only be installed if there are one or two teeth missing. If more teeth are missing, the bridge and supporting teeth will have to undergo a strain they won’t be able to handle.

This type of teeth restoration requires long-term preparation period similar to dental implants. However, it doesn’t require bone grafting as the implants may require – only treating the teeth that will be a support for the bridge.

Hopefully, this article was useful for those who have a problem of missing teeth and will help take the final decision. Preserving oral health is very important for health, proper quality of life and successful social contacts.