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Dr. PEDRO LOREDO is a top Hand Surgeon in HURST, . With a passion for the field and an unwavering commitment to their specialty, Dr. PEDRO LOREDO is an expert in changing the lives of their patients for the better. Through their designated cause and expertise in the field, Dr. PEDRO LOREDO is a prime example of a true leader in healthcare. As a leader and expert in their field, Dr. PEDRO LOREDO is passionate about enhancing patient quality of life. They embody the values of communication, safety, and trust when dealing directly with patients. In HURST, TX, Dr. PEDRO LOREDO is a true asset to their field and dedicated to the profession of medicine.
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

You may choose steroid injections, medicines, stem cells, and therapy.

Are my symptoms a sign of nerve compression?

You need to be seen by a physician and also obtain a nerve conduction study.

What could be the reason for the swelling in my palms?

Many reasons. Follow up with a fellowship trained hand surgeon.

What are various factors that could cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel occurs slowly and then becomes very bad.

How long does it take for a wrist fracture to heal?

Depends what kind of fracture. Normally 6 wks.

Every day morning I wake up with cold and stiff hands. Why does this happen?

Many reasons like arthritis, raynauds, carpal tunnel, vascular disease, just to name a few.

What is the reason for the bulge in my wrist?

could be synovial tissue from the tendons

My hands are shivering. What could this be?

follow up with a fellowship trained hand surgeon

What could be the cause of my wrist pain?

many reasons like carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis, etc....

How can I reduce my hand tremors?

follow up with neurologist