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Mohammed Siddiqui

Geriatric Psychiatrist

Dr. Mohammed Siddiqui is a geriatric psychiatrist practicing in Oak Brook, IL. Dr. Siddiqui specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, particularly in older adults. Patients who visit geriatric psychiatrists typically look for help with problems like memory loss, depression, difficulty coping with change, stress, dementia, anxiety and more. Older adults may also experience emotional distress after being diagnosed with a disease as well. Dr. Siddiqui helps patients after a comprehensive diagnostic exam so the root of their problems can be treated.
5 years Experience
Mohammed Siddiqui
  • Oak Brook, IL
  • McGaw Medical School, Northwestern University Medical Center, Chicago, IL
  • Accepting new patients

Can a person have depression after surgery?

Yes. It’s very possible. Please make an appointment with a psychiatrist.