Complete Details of Center For Vein Restoration

Complete details of Center For Vein Restoration
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Trust your legs to Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment Clinic, Varicose vein can be painful, as well, often signaling an underlying medical condition. Our doctors are among the most experienced varicose vein specialists in the region. Don't suffer from pain schedule an appointment now.

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"Treatment of varicose veins without surgery: The development of Interventional Radiology has allowed the use of guided techniques with ultrasound that have many advantages over classical surgery in the  treatment for varicose veins. The advantages of percutaneous techniques in the treatment of varicose veins are less aggression to healthy tissues (fewer bruises and scars), procedures performed under local anesthesia (not general or epidural), ambulatory (without hospital admission), with immediate incorporation into their daily activities (without work absence) and with a much lower incidence of complications.

Vein center, basically use two techniques: thermoescleroisis by radiofrequency (Closure Fast System or VNUS) and chemosclerosis by means of microfoam (CLARIVEIN). Vein centers usually use a combination of techniques customized for each specific case that, in expert hands, guarantee good results with very low complication rate. The indication and choice of technique is based on the findings of the Doppler ultrasound performed on the first visit.

Varicose vein treatment Thermosclearsis by Fast closure (VNUS) or Radiofrequency: It involves inserting a catheter single venipuncture treated, generally internal or external saphenous by heat and produce an inflammatory reaction in the walls that determine the closing thereof and the cancellation of reflux, ending in a fibrous cord.

Is this treatment for all the varicose veins in my legs?

No, this treatment is primarily indicated to relieve symptoms associated with superficial venous insufficiency (varicose veins). The aesthetic benefit is indisputable with the passage of time, but it is not a treatment of aesthetic medicine. The budget that has been given does not cover the merely aesthetic treatment of superficial veins and spider veins. In selected cases, if symptomatic varicose veins are detected, sclerotherapy can be associated with ultrasound guided with microfoam, always under medical indication.

The technique is painful or not: The great advantage of this type of procedure is that it is not necessary to perform general anesthesia, epidural, or even superficial sedation, with the consequent economic savings and possible complications. With local anesthetic in the path of the vascular axis to be treated is sufficient and, in general, well tolerated. It is a series of punctures that are initially annoying and that give in seconds.

Is it true that varicose veins can’t be treated in summer? Will you have to wear a bandage for a long time?

It is advisable to avoid the months of more heat because after the procedure you will have to wear compression stockings at least 5-7 days 24 hours a day, so it can be annoying with high temperatures.

Can the procedure be done on both legs at the same time?

Whenever it is indicated and the physician considers it feasible, it will be possible to carry out a simultaneous bilateral treatment, with the main purpose of saving costs for the patient.

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