Radiofrequency Ablation: Treating the Chronic and Acute Pain

Radiofrequency Ablation: Treating the Chronic and Acute Pain
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We generally have various doubts as well as various sets of questions about Radiofrequency procedures and also about the radiofrequency ablation side effects. The Radiofrequency ablation which is even known as the medial branch rhizotomy, it is mainly the procedure that is used to treat spider vein disease or the varicose vein diseaseIt also helps to reduce the acute or the severe and the chronic pain. This process is mainly performed through placing the electrical current which is produced by the radio waves next to the nerve which is carrying the pain signals from joint to spinal nerve.

People who are suffering from such disease also have a question that is radiofrequency ablation safeIt is important to note that radio waves usually heat up the small area of the nerve tissue, hence it leads to decreasing of the pain signals from targeted area. There is also some kind of the laser ablation side effects though they are not the major ones.

RFA is mainly used to relieve the patients having the long-lasting leg or the lower back pain or the arm and the neck pain and also any kind of the pain which is related to degeneration of the joints of spine from the arthritis. Such kind of the conditions must also show some of the positive responses to earlier performed trial blocks that could help to determine when the tissues are treated and they are indeed the areas which are causing the pain after the spider veins symptoms and before using of RFA.

If you also have a thought in your mind that is rf ablation safeSo the degree of the pain relief may also differ according to the root cause as well as location of pain source. Moreover, relief might even last from 6-12 months and also in few of the cases, it might also last for years. Above than 70% of the patients are usually treated with the experience of pain relief through RFA  as per some of the studies.

To get ready for the treatment, you must also ensure that the person does not eat in just 6 hours of the appointment except for any of the clear liquids till two hours prior to the procedure. When you have any kind of the diabetes and in case if you are using insulin, you should also clearly adjust the dosage of the insulin the day of procedure that also has your primary care doctor which may even assist you. You may also bring in the diabetes medication and hence you may also take it subsequent to the process as well as other kind of the medication which you might need. You can also continue taking other kind of the medications with the luke warm water. You should not discontinue any kind of the medication (particularly insulin) devoid of the initial consulting with the primary care or with the referring doctor. You would definitely need to bring a person along with you who will be able to drive back you home subsequent to the procedure as well as you must also not drive or should not operate the machinery for minimum of 24 hours subsequent to the procedure.

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