Dental Treatment and Lactation: Are They Compatible?

Dental Treatment and Lactation: Are They Compatible?
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Everybody can face the necessity to treat teeth, and women who breastfeed are no exception. But when you breastfeed your baby, you need a special approach to any treatment because not all methods and medications are allowed during this period.

This is especially true when talking about dental diseases, which may bring much discomfort to the novice mother, whose life is already full of stress. The decision to delay treatment to the end of breastfeeding is wrong. An infectious hotbed in the mouth of the mother is dangerous for her child, who can get the microbes transferred.

What to Start With

When you meet your dentist, you must tell him that you are breastfeeding, because it will influence the choice of treatment strategy. Analgesics must meet a certain requirement as to not harm the baby. They need to have a short-term action and a measurable amount of active elements. In any case, it is better to breastfeed your child before you go to the dentist’s office.

If you need to take medications, ask your doctor how long will they stay in your body. Usually, it takes about 6 hours for a human body to drive them away. In this period, it is better to avoid breastfeeding and use baby formula instead. You will have to work on preserving your lactation as well by pumping your milk.

An X-ray exam once was considered dangerous but research has proven that it is not. A smaller amount of milk is normal after an X-ray; it will come back to its normal amount very soon. Still, if you’re afraid, you can pump your milk after the procedure and dispose of it.

Which Dental Procedures Are Allowed For Breastfeeding Mothers?

You can treat tooth decay and have your cavities filled. You can have your tooth removed if there is no other way out. In any case, although you may need to eat mashed food after the treatment, be sure that your menu is rich in calcium and vitamins to provide your body and your baby with enough nutritive elements.

The procedures not recommended to do during breastfeeding are the tooth implant process and braces. These procedures should be done as soon as you finish your breastfeeding, because the pain and substances needed in their procedures may harm your child or interfere with the normal lactation.