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Michael Smith, ND, BCB

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Smith is passionate about health for the whole family. He holds a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, where he was trained as a primary care physician (PCP). He has an interest in environmental medicine, mind body medicine, biofeedback, nutrition, herbal medicine, and stress management techniques. Dr. Smith is also board certified in biofeedback and has additional training in environmental medicine and pediatric populations. He utilizes a Behavioral Medicine approach to help patients succeed in making lasting changes in their foundations of health, including sleep, nutrition, exercise, hydration, and stress management, recognizing that both physical and mental well-being are essential for optimal health.
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Michael Smith, ND, BCB
Specializes in:
  • Natural Treatments
  • Plainfield, IL
  • Bastyr University
  • Accepting new patients

Biofeedback Therapy & Mind-Body Medicine

Biofeedback Therapy and Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine focuses on the interactions between the mind and body, and the ways in which mental, social, emotional, and behavioral factors can have a direct impact on health....