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Dr. Marian Jalil


Dr. Marian Jalil practices Geriatric Medicine in Whittier, California. Geriatricians prevent, manage, and develop care plans that address the special health problems of the elderly. Dr. Jalil works as part of a team with other healthcare providers, to address the natural aging that goes on within the body and to manage multiple medical problems and ensure social support.
Dr. Marian Jalil
  • Whittier, California
  • Universidad Catolica De Cordoba
  • Accepting new patients

Weight loss in an older person

yes that is ok for appetite stimulant ,but we should look into the reason of poor appetite , i.e. thyroid malfunction, medication side effect , swallowing problems etc

My grandpa started walking much slower--anything we can do?

perhaps neuro consultation to R/O ?Parkinsons desease , PT eval for reconditioning , eval nutritional status , medication reconciliation

UTI infection question

probably dehydration as a cause of UTI ? early sepsis ? possibly poor po intake medication interaction gets worse with poor intake

When should I see a geriatrician?

yes come to Dr Jalil

Sleep problems and Alzheimer's

avoid napping during the day , avoid coffee or any tea that has cafein ,go to bed after 10:00 pm incrise her activities during the day