Biological Dentistry is Not Only Mercury

Biological Dentistry is Not Only Mercury
Dr. Mark J. Berkowitz Dentist Morganville, New Jersey

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Biological dentistry encompasses more than just mercury. Everything we utilize in our practice is carefully placed with each procedure. We don’t use any fluoride in our practice as it is toxic to your health. We don’t use formocresol, which kills the nerve for children’s teeth, but I consider it to be toxic.

Instead I am one of the leaders in the world utilizing O-Zone which I helped introduced in the United States about 20 years ago. We do biocompatibility testing which makes sure that none of the materials are toxic, and that you are not allergic to any of them. We use our SMART protocols from the IAOMT, where I am on the Board of Directors and in charge of the mentor committee.

To safely remove mercury fillings, we evaluate every patient’s teeth on an individual basis and many times look at the dental meridians to connect teeth to various organs and diseases that they may have. For example, if a patient has a mercury filling in the upper first molars, which are teeth number 3 and 14, this is a breast cancer and thyroid meridian teeth. I believe this can be connected to thyroid issues as well as potentially breast cancer.

I am a naturopathic board-certified physician, as well as a homeopathic doctor and encompass these areas to connect the dots between dental health and medical health. I try to limit my use of antibiotics and drugs and use my knowledge of natural medicine and homeopathy instead.