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Amal Asadi


<p>Dr. Amal Asadi has been a dentist for 28 years, practicing in Ontario at Asadi Lewis Associates Dentistry.  Since beginning her career, Dr. Asadi has become a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, and a member of the Ontario Academy of Oral Implantology.  The practice she works at has multiple locations in Canada and covers a variety of dentistry needs.  There are over 35 well trained professionals working at these locations with over 15,000 patients in the Toronto area.  Through hard work Dr. Asadi has achieved great successes. </p>
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Amal Asadi
  • Don Mills, Ontario
  • Accepting new patients

Why does my son have pain in his gums?

It’s possible his 6 year old molar is erupting

Is bad breath a sign of an underlying infection?

Yes it’s possible. There are many reasons one of them could be infection it’s better to be examined by his dentist