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Dr. Chris Campo


Dr. Chris Campo is a Chiropractor practicing in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Campo specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. Conditions treated include sciatica, neck pain, and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. Campo seeks to reduce pain and discomfort through manipulation and adjustment of the spine.
Dr. Chris Campo
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
  • Accepting new patients

I had back surgery. Should I see a chiropractor or avoid it?

Even though you had back surgery, chiropractic care can help reduce pain and allow movement to occur.

Should I see a chiro after a car accident?

No, it is not too late. Especially after a car accident you should always see a chiropractor to get back into alignment for the nervous system to flow accordingly.

Is fertility reduced with spina bifida?

Spina Bifida can affect fertility. However, adjustment can avoid in-fertility and allow fertility to increase.