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Richard L. Saphir


Dr. Richard Saphir is a pediatrician practicing in New York, New York. Dr. Saphir is a doctor who specializes in the health care of children. As a pedicatrician, Dr. Saphir diagnoses and treats infections, injuries, diseases and other disorders in children. Pediatricians typically work with infants, children, teenagers and young adults up to age 21. They practice medical care as well as preventative health care. Dr. Saphir can oversee and manage the physical, mental and emotional health of their patients.
Richard L. Saphir
  • New York, New York
  • SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine
  • Accepting new patients

Is the pneumococcal vaccine important?

It is not optional, and is required for all pre schools. It can save your child’s life. It is an important vaccine.

Is it safe to frequently use nasal drips for children?

If by nasal drips you mean decongestant nasal sprays — frequent use can injure the lining of your nose!

Can steroids make my daughter overweight?

It could be from the steroids— but it also could be caused by the kidney disease. Check with her doctor.

When is the earliest time per year a child should get their flu shot?

Flu shots usually expire in July. The new flu shots become available in September or October.

My daughter is overweight at 8 years old. What should I do?

Sharply curtail inactivity, such as tv time, comic books, etc. Prepare smaller portions of food at home. Reward with fun activity time.

My baby has small bumps all over her forehead. What are they?

Probably “milia”. Very common. Not a disease.

Is my child's hyperactivity due to Claritin?

I have never heard of that reaction from Claritin.

My second child is 14 months old and hasn't taken her first steps. Is something wrong?

Your pediatrician could answer the developmental part. However, some children walk earlier than others. Some talk earlier than others.