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Dr. Renee C. Bovelle


Renee Bovelle, MD, FAAO, works at Envision Eye and Laser Center in Glenn Dale, Maryland.  Dr. Bovelle, besides practicing Ophthalmology, donates her time to unfortunate children, both locally and internationally, by participating in health fairs and medical mission trips.  She has volunteered in Prince George’s County, Washington DC, Louisiana, Jamaica, Africa, and India.  Aside from her philanthropic work, she cares for her patients with the same amount of compassion.  Dr. Bovelle offers each patient an individualized treatment plan, and she informs her patients about all medical, surgical, and aesthetic treatments to make a ensure the best decision. She has also done clinical research on the latest devices used in modern refractive surgery to keep her practice current and at a state of excellence.
Dr. Renee C. Bovelle
Specializes in:
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Glenn Dale, MD
  • University of California in Los Angeles
  • Accepting new patients

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