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Dr. Roshini Neduvelil


Dr. Roshini Neduvelil is a Dentist practicing in Naperville, Indiana. Dr. Neduvelil specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.
Dr. Roshini Neduvelil
  • Naperville, Indiana
  • Creighton University
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How critical is a wisdom tooth abscess infection?

Yes it is very critical. I would call and get an er appt for sure

Can a gum infection pass to other parts of the body?

Yes...can cause other issues and has been linked to heart disease etc. Get regular Dental checkups to catch early and treat early

Skin is shedding on the inside of my mouth (my cheeks). Is this normal?

Can definitely be your toothpaste. I find this common with people who use whitening toothpastes or agents. Some have shedding with certain mouth rinses as well

How effective is clove oil to reduce tooth pain?

I have heard that this can help, but this is a temporary fix.

Did my dental x-rays harm my baby? (first trimester)

In this day and age, X-rays are digital and thus have very minimum radiation. Your baby will be fine! (You probably get more exposure just going on an airplane flight)

Can I whiten my teeth with baking soda alone?

Baking soda works, but it may be too abrasive for your teeth

Why are my 5 year old son's teeth rotting?

Could just be the quality of his enamel...many factors can cause tooth decay!

How bad is teeth grinding?

Over a period of time this is bad for your tooth health as you can wear or even break your teeth

How is oral thrush treated?

I would also see a medical doctor for options on this...usually will put you in an anti fungal regimen

What causes erosion of teeth?

Many factors can cause erosion of teeth- diet to specific habits

Do I need braces to get rid of the gap in my teeth?

Consult an orthodontist, you may be an Invisalign candidate

What is causing my teeth to yellow?

If you maintain your regular dental check ups, then whitening might be an option for you

What foods should I eat after going to the dentist?

Depends what procedure you had done...I would always recommend soft foods

What are the early signs for gum disease?

No. I would have a dentist take a look anyways. Gum disease would have inflamed and bleeding gums with major tartar build up

What is the treatment for dry mouth?

You can purchase over the counter rinses that can help with lubrication. Using xylitol gum is also an option. They even have lubricating sprays at the pharmacies

Can tooth sensitivity be cured by changing toothpaste?

If there are no cavities, then yes it may help.

What causes bleeding gums in kids?

Poor Oral hygiene. Not removing plaque and not flossing

What is the best way to whiten my teeth?

Several ways: over the counter whitening like white strips. In house whitening like zoom or bleaching trays

Can an infected tooth spread the infection to the other teeth as well?

If it is a periodontal infection, yes the infection can spread to the bone of surrounding teeth

My son's teeth are discoloured. Why?

Yes...sometimes eating things like blueberries as well. I would advise getting a professional dental cleaning