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Dr. Jane M. Brotanek


I am a dedicated and experienced pediatrician who is passionately committed to the care of children. I bring several unique assets to the care of children: fluency in seven languages, including Spanish and French, which enables me to care for children from a variety of backgrounds, together with experience in working with Latino and immigrant communities in hospital-based, community-based, and FCHC clinics in New York City, Rochester, Milwaukee, and Dallas. I also have substantial training and experience in medical student and resident teaching, research, and advocacy.
During the five years from 2004 to 2009, I conducted research focused on improving the health and healthcare of underserved children, particularly minority and poor children with inadequate access to quality health care due to language and cultural barriers. In September 2004, I joined the Medical College of Wisconsin as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. As part of the Center for the Advancement of Underserved Children, I worked to improve access to quality healthcare for underserved children.
In 2006, I became one of 15 junior faculty nationwide selected to receive a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Physician Faculty Scholars Program (RWJ PFSP) award. This three-year award has enhanced my career development by allowing me to successfully complete an important series of interrelated research projects; interact with nationally recognized health services researchers who serve on the Program’s National Advisory Committee; and benefit from the superb mentorship of Dr. Flores, who is nationally recognized for his work in community-based research, Latino children’s health, racial/ethnic disparities in children’s health, access to care, and culture and clinical care.
As a RWJ Physician Faculty Scholar, I received national and international recognition for my work on iron deficiency and early childhood nutrition. In 2007, I was invited to join the Division of General Pediatrics at UT Southwestern Medical Center, an invitation which I enthusiastically accepted. From 2007 to 2009, I published 11 articles and made 15 research presentations. It is my passion and commitment to improving the health and well-being of children that has always driven my research and clinical work. <span><span style="font-size: small;">
Over the previous several years, my focus has shifted to being a primary care pediatrician dedicated to clinical work and advocating for children's health and well-being. I have spent the past year working at Bambini Pediatrics, the first integrative pediatrics practice in the Hudson Valley, and greatly enjoyed the experience. I believe that my rich clinical experiences together with my health services research background, have shaped me to be an outstanding pediatrician.
Dr. Jane M. Brotanek
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Iron Deficiency, Prolonged Bottle-feeding, and Racial/Ethnic Disparities

Iron Deficiency, Prolonged Bottle-feeding, and Racial/Ethnic Disparities

Children with prolonged bottle-feeding and Mexican-American children are at higher risk for iron deficiency. Screening and nutritional counseling should be targeted at these high-risk...