Is Chronic Sinusitis Ruining Your Life? Gain Control Over Your Health Today!

Is Chronic Sinusitis Ruining Your Life? Gain Control Over Your Health Today!
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Chronic sinusitis is one of the most prevalent illnesses in the United States, affecting as many as 30 million Americans. Chronic sinusitis affects adults and children and can greatly impact quality of life. Acute sinusitis is often due to infections; however chronic sinusitis is often associated with allergic disease, abnormal sinus anatomy or problems with your immune system.

Chronic sinusitis presents with facial pain, headaches, congestion, and can cause worsening asthma or cough. Over time untreated sinusitis can cause fatigue, difficulty concentrating, loss of smell and taste. If the underlying cause for recurrent sinusitis is not identified, patients are often treated with multiple courses of steroids and antibiotics. Unnecessary treatment can lead to antibiotic resistance and harmful side effects due to recurrent oral steroid use.

Identifying the cause for chronic sinus disease is simple and includes a physical exam, allergy testing and evaluation of your immune system. If the cause is due to allergies, medications can be used to prevent allergic symptoms thereby preventing sinus disease. If your sinus disease is due to minor problems in your immune system a vaccine can be used to boost your immunity and decrease the number of sinus infections.

Chronic sinusitis is painful, results in missed days from work or school and impacts quality of life. Specialists in the field of Allergy/Immunology can help identify the cause for chronic sinus disease resulting in less sinus infections. Proper diagnosis gives patients back control over their health and improves quality of life.