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Mrs. Lata R. Shah


Dr. Lata R Shah is a top Pediatrician in Edison, . With a passion for the field and an unwavering commitment to their specialty, Dr. Lata R Shah is an expert in changing the lives of their patients for the better. Through their designated cause and expertise in the field, Dr. Lata R Shah is a prime example of a true leader in healthcare. As a leader and expert in their field, Dr. Lata R Shah is passionate about enhancing patient quality of life. They embody the values of communication, safety, and trust when dealing directly with patients. In Edison, New Jersey, Dr. Lata R Shah is a true asset to their field and dedicated to the profession of medicine.
Mrs. Lata R. Shah
  • Edison, New Jersey
  • Grant Medical College
  • Accepting new patients

Newborn constipation, what can I do?

Stimulate rectal area with little finger after putting gloves & some vaseline on little finger.

My second child is 14 months old and hasn't taken her first steps. Is something wrong?

No two babies are alike--your baby will develop at her own pace.

Motion sickness in children?

Don't feed him before travel. Plan to start early morning

My baby blinks excessively. What's wrong?

Consult an ophthalmologist to rule out foreign bodies.

What are harmful foods that can impact my child's learning?

Processed food, sugar, fried and fatty food.

Why is my daughter having recurrent abdominal pain?

Either it's psychosomatic or she's trying to get attention.